Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Draw-Mania! THREE Thursday, Sept 22, 8pm

First off, a big apology for not posting about this to the blog earlier. I've been trying all kinds of different avenues to get the word out about this, and it looks like I overlooked the one right under my nose!

Well, here's the skinny: This Thursday, Sept 22 at the Bento Burger Lounge (101 East 2nd st., upstairs). The Bento Burger is part of the Lucky Cheng's Arts Complex, so to speak.

As with all the others we're offering the talents of some of New York's best and most popular art models, male and female, in an assortment of poses. We also have DJ Shred, a well-known DJ specializing in 80s and Depeche Mode in particular (but not exclusively), some terrific musicians and comedians, raffle prizes and drink specials!

It runs 8pm till midnight and you get it all for a scant $15 smackers.

And I promise to post more frequently about it!

for all the information go to the website: http://www.draw-mania.com