Monday, September 14, 2009

The faults lie not in ourselves, but in our stars...

Well, the bartender explained that with Mercury retrograde, something like this was bound to happen...
I arrived at our usual location to discover a small-cask beer festival in full swing. The stage where the model usually poses was crowded with casks, and the room crowded with beer aficionados.

"Use the dining room!" the bartender suggested, "We don't start serving dinner till six." With some of you coming all the way from Connecticut and farthest Jersey, I didn't want to cancel the session, so dining room it was, even though it's open on two sides and people have to travel through it to get to the bathroom & the kitchen.

The model was new to NYC, and so, apparently, was the cab driver who brought her, since he thought 43 East 7th ought to be on 43rd street and Seventh ave. So we got started rather late. Nevertheless we soldiered on, the model opting to work nude (I left it to her discretion) despite the open environment, and despite the occasional beer-dazzled ogler leering through the doorway, she posed brilliantly, with poses both graceful and romantic, and despite the celestial wackiness, I think we all went home with drawings that were sure to appease the angry spirits.

Please don't be dissapointed if future sessions aren't anywhere near as complicated..